Year of the Dog drawing exhibition  at Luna Rienne in San Francisco.
Prints are available HERE


About the work:
The idea for the series came after finding a vintage box of identical bulldog note cards at a local Goodwill.
I drew over the top of them as an act of continuation/ vandalism. It was tremendous fun, so I drew my own dogs which the Electric Works Gallery then printed multiples of.
These I warped into different characters using 3 mechanical pencils and sparing white gouache. 
It’s a painstaking process of gradually building up layers of graphite to warp and overwhelm the character of the "underdog".


Original Drawing of a Vizsla with a customized version.

Some dogs took on the form of famous people. Bowie was the first- I did him shortly after he left us. Others tap the style tribes which were so abundant in my formative years.

One set of Italian Greyhounds morphed in to deities, from Odin to Jesus via Krishna and Buddha and beyond. 
I started doing them around the 2016 election as an antidote to the divisiveness of the times. 
They are uplifting to make, and I enjoy the suggestion of unity.

When I neared 50 dogs, I started looking for a gallery to show them. Luna Rienne proved the perfect venue, a real vestige of the San Francisco I fell in love with. The show runs until April 23rd 2018, with originals and prints for sale.
10% of opening night sales donated to MUTTVILLE: a San Francisco shelter dedicated to rescuing older dogs.

The project continues and the next goal is 100 dogs.







Feature on the Dogs in the wonderful Four & Sons.