So, you've been delightful enough to buy a piece of my artwork. I really appreciate that, thank you. Now, how to display it in the best light?

Most of my prints have hand torn deckle edges, Noah at Electric Works is the maestro who does this. These edges look great float mounted, or mounted directly onto backing:

"Float mounting adds dramatic shadows and depth to any piece of art, By first mounting the item to a piece of foam board then mounting the board to the mat, float mounting raises your art so that it appears to hover within the frame. It's an elegant, timeless style and the easiest way to make you art look truly custom framed." so says the internet.


When you pick your frame, one very important thing is to allow for a decent width of border between the print edge and the frame edge. It allows the artwork to breathe, and looks cooler. Framers suggest 2 inches minimum around the artwork (even though there is a border already because of the hand torn edge).


August 30, 2019 by Michael Gillette

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