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About me:
I was born and raised in Swansea, Wales, where artists painted flowers and sold them in the village hall.

At the age of 10, I discovered The Beatles and became obsessed with music and the culture that surrounds it. In 1980s Britain, pop music was everything, inspiring distinctive and ubiquitous style tribes: Mods, 2 Tone, New romantics, New wavers, punks, goths… Music had a visual style which shifted and evolved. I took this cue for making art.

I went to Kingston University in London where I studied graphic design and illustration. Really, I was hoping that I’d join an Art School band and that would take care of things.

I graduated college with a head full of pop culture. Fortunately, this allowed me to find work in the emerging 90's indie music scene. Sleeve work and videos for Saint Etienne and Elastica followed, along with regular work for Select magazine, the parish news of Britpop. Around this time I was sharing a flat with The Aphex Twin and some fellow artists. The exposure to homemade techno sowed a seed for my own digital work.

In 2001, I moved to San Francisco, I dared myself. Here I continued my journey, working with The Beastie Boys, My Morning Jacket, MGMT and many others. I also produced an enduring set of James Bond book covers. Concurrently, I have always made art for walls. 

I live in Northern California with my wife and two daughters.

In 2016 my musical monograph Drawn in Stereo was published by AMMO in LA. buy it here. In 2020 Pack of Dogs was released by Four & Sons.